Crib 820

The New Way to Protect and Store Your Tools


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Crib 820

Tool Cribs

Do you know where your tools are? You’ve probably spent a small fortune in saws, drills and hammers, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be there tomorrow morning. That’s why we designed the Tool Crib 820 – the easiest new system to store and manage tools.

In the strength of a 20’ shipping container, every square inch is optimized by skilled tradespeople and trained technicians. With different combinations of shelving, cabinetry and workbenches, make your Tool Crib 820 completely unique. It won’t be long before it becomes a part of “how things are done” on your watch.

On the prairies, pro buildings can’t be without heat and air conditioning. Insulated with two inches of spray foam, the Tool Crib 820 will protect your tools from the elements all year long. But no matter how we build the Tool Crib 820, it will always have the heart of a container. When the job is done, just put it on the back of a truck or trailer and take it to the next site.

Have an idea for something that would make the Tool Crib 820 truly yours? Give us a call and let’s bring it to life.


  • 20’ containers
  • Shelving units
  • Spray-foam insulation
  • Stud framed & Drywall
  • Man door
  • Two windows with security bars
  • Heat & Air Conditioning
  • Fluourescent lights
  • 15 amp receptacles

Why Choose us?

Rapid Construction

The Tool Crib 820 can be finished in about a week. Only skilled welders and technicians work on our containers, so you get a quality building built faster than any conventional builder can imagine. Once it arrives to your site, step inside and get to work.

Custom Options

With the range of modifications we offer, you’ll have every option to receive a Tool Crib 820 that puts your productivity in overdrive. Not exactly sure what you’re after? Choose from one of our comprehensive packages or browse for inspiration.

Engineered Designs

Sea containers are incredibly strong. The way we modify them doesn’t change that. We work with engineers to ensure that our options maintain or improve the integrity of your Tool Crib 820 for years to come.

Unrivalled Support

We don’t just provide customer service, we build relationships. It starts with a phone call, where our knowledgeable staff will listen to your story and lend technical advice. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll handle every detail until the Tool Crib 820 lands on your site.

Professional Touch

Own a Tool Crib 820 that reflects your brand, professionalism and resourcefulness. From custom paint and decaling to attractive trims and finishes, your office will be eye appealing as it is functional.

Space saver

If site space is limited, choose to build up, not out. Made of heavy-duty Cor-Ten steel, the Tool Crib 820 can be easily stacked on top of another.

What our customers are saying…

Our needs were quite specialized, but the people at CNG Containers, with their knowledge of welding, fabricating and container modifications knew more about our needs and wants than I did! Their expertise has potentially saved my business thousands of dollars.

Ron KehlerGeneral ManagerKEHFAB Ltd.

CNG Containers met all our requirements and made the process incredibly simple. I found them to be honest and true to what they promised. They not only looked at what we wanted, but offered intelligent ideas and options that saved us money.

Brett BlanchetteSatellite Co-ordinatorAir Liquide Canada, Inc.

Since we have started working with CNG Containers, we have been impressed with their willingness to take on any challenge and deliver at a fair and consistent price. Quite simply, they do things that others are not willing—or able— to do.

Dale ReimerVice PresidentAFD Petroleum

The service they provided and their willingness to work with us in developing specialized conversions greatly exceeded our expectations. Their bids were competitive, they stayed within budget, and they delivered on time. I would not hesitate in recommending CNG for any container conversion project.

Edward Grech

We love a challenge! Give us a call, share your story and get instant advice from people who’ve worked on container optimization for years. After we provide you with a custom design and estimate, it won’t be long before your idea comes to life.

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