Our Approach

We use sea containers as the fundamental building block for our products. Why? Because they’re strong, versatile and mobile. Plus, they’re everywhere. There are over 27 million containers worldwide, so we’re sure to find a size and style that fit your project.

Once they arrive onsite pre-inspected and ready for skilled technicians and tradespeople, we can provide you a custom-built structure faster than any conventional construction company could ever dream of.



Step 1: Discover Define

It starts with your story. With years of experience turning containers into answers, we’ll listen keenly and provide sound advice.


Step 2: Design Build

After we assess every factor, we tap into our creative side. A custom layout is designed, engineers approve modifications. When it’s time to get to work, our experienced staff and technicians bring your project to life.


Step 3: Deliver

After veteran building inspectors scrutinize every detail, your product is ready to ship. We coordinate door-to-door delivery only with insured carriers to leave you with a quality building to rely on for decades.

Why Choose us?

Rapid Construction

Most projects can be finished in about a week. Only skilled welders and technicians work on our containers, so you get a quality building built faster than any conventional builder can imagine. Once it arrives to your site, step inside and get to work.

Custom Options

With the range of modifications we offer, you’ll have every option to receive one of our products that puts your productivity in overdrive. Not exactly sure what you’re after? Choose from one of our comprehensive packages or browse for inspiration.

Engineered Designs

Sea containers are incredibly strong. The way we modify them doesn’t change that. We work with engineers to ensure that our options maintain or improve the integrity of your container for years to come.

Unrivalled Support

We don’t just provide customer service, we build relationships. It starts with a phone call, where our knowledgeable staff will listen to your story and lend technical advice. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll handle every detail until the container lands on your site.

Professional Touch

Own a container that reflects your brand, professionalism and resourcefulness. From custom paint and decaling to attractive trims and finishes, your office will be eye appealing as it is functional.

Space saver

If site space is limited, choose to build up, not out. Made of heavy-duty Cor-Ten steel, all our products can be easily stacked on top of another.

We love a challenge! Give us a call, share your story and get instant advice from people who’ve worked on container optimization for years. After we provide you with a custom design and estimate, it won’t be long before your idea comes to life.

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