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Shipping containers are strong, versatile, and mobile, making them the perfect building blocks for prefabricated buildings. Our Container Solutions are built to withstand harsh conditions, meet the highest standards, and can be certified for classified zones. 

CNG Containers has over 35 years of combined experience designing, engineering, and modifying shipping containers to create certified prefabricated buildings. Our skilled trade partners have the experience and credentials to meet industry standards and provide certifications for classified zones. In addition to our highly skilled team, we work with reputable transportation companies to deliver your Container Solution anywhere across North America.

Choose from a pre-designed package or work with our team of experts to custom design a Container Solution to fit your unique needs. 

Product Overview

Fully Integrated System

Meet the highest standards, increase ease of movement and showcase your product by investing in a Fully Integrated System Solution.

Spill Containment

Protect your people, the environment, and your business by investing in a Spill Containment Solution.

Tool Crib

Maximize your tool storage, increase site efficiency and protect your valuable assets with a customized Tool Crib Solution.


Increase on-site productivity, convenience, and comfort with a plug-and-play Office Solution.


Increase ease, convenience, and comfort for your hard-working crew with a durable Lunchroom Solution.

Custom Combos

Maximize your return on investment with a multipurpose Tool Crib, Office, Lunchroom, Bathroom, or Storage Custom Combo Solution.

Secure Site Entry

Increase ease, efficiency and safety on-site by investing in a Secure Site Entry Solution.

Compressed Bottle Storage

Protect your people, the environment, and your business with a safe, secure, and durable Compressed Bottle Storage Solution.

Standard Storage

Maximize your storage capacity with a weatherproof, durable, and secure Standard Storage Solution.

First Responder Training Structure

Increase training potential, productivity, and safety by investing in a First Responder Training Structure Solution.

Prefab Building Complex

Maximize your return on investment with a Prefab Building Complex Solution.


Increase ease, convenience, and comfort for your team, community, and events with a Recreational Solution.


Bring your vision to life or work with our team of experts to create a Custom Solution to meet your unique needs.


We offer basic container rentals on a monthly basis.


Accessorize your Container Solution to increase ease, productivity, efficiency, convenience, and comfort. 

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