Creating a Portable Hunting Lodge

This project was all about providing basic comforts and practical utility in a modest space. The client in this case is in the business of leading guided hunting tours, and they needed an economical space with essential amenities that the hunters could use as their “base camp” during expeditions.

For the most part, that meant keeping the interior spare and simple for optimal durability and heavy-duty use. The end of the unit, for instance, opens to allow ATV access and there is room for storing hunting gear.

At the same time, it features everything you need for a convenient “motel in the woods,” with a bathroom area at one end, complete with a shower, bathtub, and washer/dryer, as well as a kitchen nook area with sink and cabinets. There is also a wood fireplace for economical heating and cooking.

We are proud to say that the client—and his clients—report that the refurbished completed cabin has served them well and become a dependable home base for their tours.

Washer machine inside container beside hot water tank

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