What Better Way to Test Our Products

If you are going to be selling customers on the quality and reliability of your office containers, you should be able to put your money where your mouth is and use them yourself. That’s why, when we got this rental unit back from where it was being used at the “Ice on Whyte” festival, we decided to re-purpose it and make it into our own on-site office space.

It was a process that involved completely re-configuring the interior to add divider walls and other features to suit our needs. For instance, the main entrance now opens into a reception area with offices on either side, and we added new touches, such as the pot lights that provide ideal ambient lighting while using less energy than standard light fixtures.

Using this unit as our own home office has given us an insight into how our products perform over time. We use this office space every day, and if there were any defects that needed addressing or any improvements that could be made, we would be the first to know.

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