Double the Width, Double the Possibilities!

If, when you hear “repurposed sea container” you think “small, cramped space,” this will make you think again.

This is our first modified “1640”—16 feet wide and 40 feet long. In other words, it’s like having two 8’-by-40’ containers welded together. Actually, it is two containers welded together. We are certified by the CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) and that means we can assemble this “double-wide” in-house. It is a comprehensively engineered unit, with complete structural integrity in the frame. No support posts are necessary—the floor space is wide open.

This particular unit was manufactured for Peavey Industries, who are using it to house and repair lawnmowers and other equipment. We installed heating and lighting, industrial no-slip flooring, proper lighting, a workbench, as well as a ten-foot easy-access garage door, and a side man-door.

And despite its double capacity, the 1640 still ships as a single unit on our specially-engineered skid. It has everything you could want in a storage and workspace—just more.

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