Let's Put a Crane Inside a Crib

Our Crib 820 remains a popular choice for on-site secure storage. But sometimes we have a client who wants more space or requires special customized features. For instance…crib with crane rail

We enjoy a special challenge. In this case, Northern Crane Services Group approached us to design a storage unit for them. The difference was the things they were storing were not the usual construction site tools. They needed a place to keep the heavy riggings they used for carrying loads—riggings that were hard to move by hand and that would not just slide onto shelves.

The solution we arrived at was to build a unit with an I-Beam that ran the length of the interior, outfitted with a five-ton hoist. That way they could just hook the riggings onto the hoist and slide them into the container, where they could be stored on special heavy-duty hooks. No awkward or dangerous lifting required.

Norther Crane Services container with logo on side
CNG worker cutting side of container
Side of container with door and barred window
Inside of container with empty wooden table
Inside of container lined with wood

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