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What Does CNG Offer?

At CNG Containers, sea containers are used as the main building blocks to a complete modular solution for your unique container needs. With a specialized ability to provide custom modifications in sea containers, we’re passionate about optimizing the versatility of these under-appreciated structures to meet the demands and timelines of our diverse customers.

Let's Focus on Industrial 

CNG Industrial believes in well-built, high quality, and fully certified modular units. All of our units are fully engineered, built with CWB certified welding practices, and built to Alberta Part 10 building codes for modular units.

With endless customization options, we can make exactly what you are looking for! Our six-step process is designed around our one-stop shop. Just explain to our experts the end use and desired functionality and we will take care of everything from design to delivery.

What's Inspiring Us?

The Glasshaus. Designed in partnership with Giant, the studio features full pane windows and super modern accents, perfect for a summer home getaway.

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