Keep Your Expensive Equipment Out of the Elements

Here is a unit we manufactured especially for Collicutt Energy to house a powerful generator. This was one of those projects where we got to deploy the full range of our design, engineering, and finishing resources.

First of all, we customized the unit with access doors so that the generator that was to be contained in it could be started and serviced easily, and we also added mechanical and vent openings where needed. Generators can be noisy, too, so we also installed special acoustic barrier panels to dampen sound. Then, when construction was complete, we took it across our yard to be sand-blasted and painted.

It all came together in good time entirely on our premises and was loaded and delivered on schedule. Collicutt now rents this unit out to their customers and it has been functioning exactly as desired.

Exterior of smaller container with three side open on top of trailer
Open container sitting on trailer
Exterior of container with door closed on the side
Close up of door on side of container
Inside of container looking at the inside of the doors
Inside of smaller container
Inside of container looking out into the shop
Inside of long container with multiple opening on the sides
Exterior of container with multiple openings

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