Movember Fundraising

This month, CNG Containers is partnering with Movember to Grow a Mo, Move for Movember, and Host a Mo-ment. 

We are joining forces with Movember for several reasons - but a primary one lands closely with Gerald's story of his own personal health journey.

First Glance

We are originally from Manitoba and that's where my cancer journey started. I went for my usual physical as I did every six months. There were no symptoms and every test came clear and so life went on as normal.

The Move

When we moved to Alberta, I found a new doctor and it was my first appointment with him when he noticed something was off. That's when the diagnosis came - a malignant tumor - prostate cancer. Thankfully they caught it soon enough and it was very treatable. 

But that's just it. Between my original doctor not catching any signs of it, as well as the overall thought process which is, "it will never happen to me," the reality of this didn't fully sink in. Especially because I was only 49. As the surgery approached it began to sink in more and more. 

Reality Sinks In

If we hadn't moved to Alberta, would they have caught the cancer in time? How long would have passed before they did, changing the treatability? This was really happening to me and my family. 

In February of 2010, I had my surgery and it was successful as the margins were clear. Since then there have been zero signs of it returning. I still make sure to go every six months to get checked. Especially now. 

Our Why

This is why as a team here at CNG we decided we would participate in Movember. Not only to see who can grow the best chops but more so to raise awareness. 

So my word to men is this: Take care of yourself. Get those physicals done. Don't let your pride get in the way of your health. I get it, it's awkward, but you'd be surprised how quickly your life changes - you may not see it coming.

Final Thoughts

Life does change so quickly. We can all attest to things that have happened that we didn't see coming. Therefore, any steps we can take to help predict our health and well-being are that much more important. 

Donate Today

You can help have an everlasting impact on the face of men's health by checking out our team page and making a donation.

Gerald Hiebert
Managing Partner

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