Who Doesn't Love a Soft Top?

This was a project that involved a specially-devised solution for the unique needs of our friends at Northern Crane Services Group. Earlier we had made for them a customized tool crib with an I-beam rail so they could hoist and roll their heavy riggings into storage.

This time, they needed a way to store their even heavier counterbalance weights. The problem was, the weights were too heavy and unwieldy to be maneuvered in through a door.

The solution? Lift them in by crane through the top. And that called for a new kind of convertible cover for the unit.

We started by cutting the roof off the container and then re-welding supports onto the side walls to maintain structural integrity. Then we added removable tarp supports all down the top. Now when they have to store or transport their heaviest equipment they simply remove the tarp and the roof supports, lift the weights in, replace the supports, and re-cover.

Inside of container with top of container open
Exterior of container with blue tarp covering top of container
Overhead of container with blue tarp covering the top of the container
Close up of tarp that is attached to top of container

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