Your Journey With CNG

We love the construction phase of our container development! There is nothing like getting to see the project take physical form!

Take an Inside Look

During the beginning stages of container construction, we enjoy the process of imagining something and then making it happen for YOU, our customer. We work alongside you and your ideas to fulfill your vision! The possibilities are endless!

Starting with a high-quality sea container, we start to make modifications and adjustments according to your desires and end vision. At CNG, we pride ourselves on using the sturdiest construction methods and high-grade materials for the tough Alberta landscape.

Lots of passion and pride in craftsmanship goes into each and every one of our projects.

You Can Have Whatever You Like!

Whether you're looking for something for a worksite, some sort of event, or even a living space, CNG has you covered! Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or questions you may have regarding a project, we would love to help your dream become a reality.

What's Inspiring Us

If you or anyone you know wants a container house or cabin, let us know! We would love to build one! Seeing what other people have done makes us excited to do what we do!

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