Spill as Much as You Want, We'll Keep it Clean

When you are dealing with oil drums or barrels of toxic chemicals, storage becomes more than a matter of just providing a sheltered, secure place. To ensure protection for the immediate environment, the storage area also needs to be able to contain any possible leaks that might occur in the containers placed inside.

This Spill 820 unit was specially designed to serve that need. Like most of our units, it is mounted on a skid that makes it easy to load and unload for transport, and easy to move around a job site with a loader. And the large 18-foot garage door that makes up most of one side allows for a loader to easily move drums in and out.

But what really makes this unit special—and specifically suited for its purpose—is the floor. Here’s what we did:

  • First, we turned the unit upside down and steel-welded a metal pan to the bottom. The cross-members in that bottom pan have notches that travel down the length of the unit, which is designed to create a funneling effect so that any spillage that seeped to the floor would travel to the lowest level.

  • Next, we flipped the container right-side-up again and installed a steel grating made up of sections that are easily removable by hand. That’s so that if it becomes necessary to clean up from a leak, you need only remove the section where the spillage accumulated to allow access to a vac-truck unit.

It’s a simple design, simple to use, and proven reliable.

Inside of container with oil barrels on top of metal grade
Fork lift moving pallet with oil barrels on it into a container
Close up of container door hinges
Exterior photo of container with a closed large bay door
Exterior photo of container with large bay door open
Inside of container with large bay door open and metal grading on floor
Two container with bay doors open sitting on trailer
Close up photo of metal graded floor of container
Exterior photo of container with bay door open with oil barrels inside on top of metal graded floor
Side photo of white container with large bay door

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