Spill Containment Units: Environmental Protection in a Customized Package

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, environmental protection has become a top priority for businesses. As industries strive to minimize their ecological footprint and comply with stringent regulations, the demand for innovative spill containment solutions rises. 

At CNG, we understand that secondary containment for hazardous materials and dangerous goods is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We are experts in safely and effectively managing these unique needs, and offer custom Spill Containment solutions that will maximize your floor plan and comply with safety regulations. 

Spill 820: Spill Containment in a Compact Package

Crafted from a 20 foot shipping container, this unit combines robust construction with customizable features. Featuring fully engineered design, CWB certification, and water-tight containment, Spill 820 ensures reliability and compliance with stringent standards. Optional features such as exterior sandblasting and painting further enhance its durability and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for industries prioritizing environmental protection without compromising on performance.

Spill 840: For Larger-Scale Containment 

For jobsites with more substantial spill containment requirements, we offer Spill 840. Utilizing a high cube 40 foot shipping container with 320 square feet of workspace, Spill 840 offers high capacity, reliability, and customization options. Fully engineered and CWB certified, the Spill 840 undergoes rigorous testing for water-tightness to ensure absolute leak-proof containment. It also features an engineered skid to increase structural strength and ease of movement.

Spill 1640: The Big-Business Containment Solution

Spill 1640 represents the pinnacle of spill containment technology, offering a solution for industries with extensive containment needs. Harnessing the combined capacity of two new high cube 40 foot shipping containers, Spill 1640 boasts an expansive floor plan spanning 640 square feet – ideal for large-scale operations. Like all of our spill containment units, it’s CWB certified, water-tight, and complete with fluorescent lighting. 

CNG's lineup of spill containment units exemplifies a commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability. Regardless of your business’ size, CNG offers solutions tailored to meet your needs. Click here for more specific details, or contact us to discuss your needs!

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