You Can Never Have Too Much Storage

This 840 has three garage doors and we decided to keep it for ourselves, with three bays of storage, it provides lots of room and easy access to the materials that we use. Materials such as lumber that we want to keep sheltered from the rain and snow that can cause damage and costly waste.

Another feature is the “insta-shelving” that works so simply using the pre-fabricated hooks that come with the container. You just clip in the brackets, add boards, and in minutes you have shelving ready to go—easily expandable, and quickly removable.

We find this unit to be indispensable for what we do. Chances are, if you’re in the business of working on any outdoor job site, you would find it useful too. You can’t have this one—we aren’t about to give it up—but if you get in touch, we can make one that is just right for you.

Interior of container with wooden floating shelves.
Exterior photo of container with pallets of wood inside
Interior of container with a close garage door
Close up of open bay door with stacks of wood inside
Exterior of container with open bay doors and stacks of wood inside
Close up of container with open bay doors and stacks of building wood inside
Inside of container with empty wooden shelving inside
White latch for bay door on container
Exterior of container with three bay doors closed
Exterior of three white containers with one stacked on another

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